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On the music-player below you can listen to some great rock and metal music from some really cool bands.
If you play in a band and you want your music played here on Calles Rock Corner, all you have to do is send us one of your songs along with a band picture. Also let us know what CD/Promo the song is taken from. For more info please contact us here.
Here's a list of the bands playing above (in alphabetical order):
Black Swamp Water (DK)
Hellride - Hellride (EP)
Bulletrain (S)
Out Of Control - Start Talking (Album)
Burning Velvet (DK)
Mr. Ghost: Single
Dead Man Lee (DK)
Mine - Hiraeth (Album)
Drivenfield (DK) 
Song For A Life : Road To Perception (Album) 
Five Dollar Justice (DK)
Woman : Broken Hearst & Bottles (EP)
Freddy And The Phantoms (DK)
Borderline Blues : Times Of Division (album) 
In The Fumes feat. Johan Olsen (DK)
Behind The Eight Ball - Single
Junkyard Drive (DK) 
Pauline : Junkyard Luxury (EP)
Knock Out Kaine (UK)
16 Grams Of Heart Attack - Rise Of The Electric Jester (Album)
Long Line Down (DK)
Talk To me - EP 
Lyra (DK)
It's Not Right - Lyra EP
Martie Peters (DK)
The Backdrop To Your Life - Single
Mother Of All (DK)
Three Generations Of Punishment - Single
Raped In Reno (DK)
Fight Em All : Raped In Reno (EP)
Room Full Of Ghosts (DK)
Dust - Dust (EP)
Skin Tuxedo (DK)
Blissfully Ignorant - Transition (EP)
The Driftwood Sign (S)
Disorder - The Driftwood Sign (EP)
The End Of Rosalina (DK)
Rosalina : The End Rosalina (EP)
TurboChild (DK)
Still My Love - (Single)

There's only room for 20 songs in the Mp3-player, so here's a list of bands
that have had songs on the player.
20dark7 (Twenty Dark Seven) (GER)
Heart Of A Lion - New song (Rough Mix)
9000 John Doe (DK) 
Sexy Sixty Nine : Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over (album)
A Road To Damascus (DK) 
New Perspective : A Road To Damascus 
Affäire (PT) 
Born Too Late : Born Too Late 
Alien Ken (N)
Riley Carlson : (No album yet) + Cleanse My Claws : Contact (Album)
Anoxia (DK)
Hell Bent For Heaven : A Lapdance For The Devil (album)
Apa State Mental (S)
Bang : The Reunited Heavy Metal States Of Apa State Mental (Album)
Artillery (DK)
Monster : My Blood (album)
Asphalt Valentine (US)
Dirty Little Secret : Strip Rock Roll (album)
Axident Avenue (NO)
Dirty With You : Runaway EP (Promo)
Badmouth (S)
Pedal To The Metal : Badmouth (Album) 
Barking (DK)
Payroll :  EP
Beautiful Beast (DE)
Do You Want It : Adult Oriented Candy 
Bobby Kidd (AU)
No Longer My Own : Breaking Me Down (EP)

Bound By Wire (DK)
See Me Falling. - Revolution (EP)
Broken Hand Charity (DK)
Confess : Simplified Symphony (EP)
Bulldog Mack (S) 
Ain't Nothing Wrong (The Smoker) : Stack 'Em Up 
Bulletrain (S)
Fly Away : Turn It Up! (Promo) 
Chainfist (DK)
Have You Ever : Promo 2009 (Promo) 

Cold Black (DK)
A Song Unsung : From Scratch (EP)
Confess (S)
Lights Out : Lights Out (album)
Cowboy Prostitutes (S)
Save Our Cities : Let Me Have Your Heart (Album) 
Crash Street Kids (US)
Sad Julia : Sweet Creatures 
Damien (S)
We Are The Kids : Kings Of Rock Quenn Of Roll (Not yet released Promo) 
De Van (US)
Plastic Surgery : Planet Botox (album)
Diamond Lane (US)
City Of Sin : World Without Heroes 
Dimmz (S)
Roll The Dice : Still Human? (album)
Diretone (DK)
Nerve : Diretone (CD - not released yet)
Dirty Passion (S)
Killing My Deams :  Non-Album/EP/Promo track
Dirty Skirty (US)
Dirty Angel :  Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (album)
Distorted Wonderland (S)
Never Had Nothing : Distorted Wonderland (album)
Elisium (US)
A.G.V. - Becoming
Estrella (UK)
Whatever It Is + Mona Lisa Smile + Shout:  Come Out To Play

Falcon Road (US)
Who Will Save You : New single
Fat Nelly (S)
She's The One : Wake Up (Album)
Forcentury (DK)
Through The Eyes Of Thunder : Vanguard (Album)

Franklin Zoo (DK)
My Dying Day : Untamed (album)
Gasoline Queen (S)
Young Man Burnin' : Gas For The Underclass (Promo) 
T-1000 : Single
Grand Rezerva (S)
Badlands : Badlands (Single)
Heaven's Basement (UK)
Tear Your Heart Out : Heaven's Basement (EP)

Hell's Island (IT)
Black Painted Circle - Black Painted Circle (EP)
I Love Rich (US)
Let's Fuck All Night: Season Of The Rich (Promo) 

I'll Be Damned (DK)
Fever - The First Coming (EP)
Infinity (DK)
Freefalling : New single
Iron Fire (DK)
Reborn To Darkness : Metalmorphosized (Album)
Jailbait (S)
Shotdown : "Brand new song" 
Jennyfer Star and The Cluster Bombs (S)
I Still Got It : Jennyfer Star and The Cluster Bombs EP
John Taglieri (US)
Without You - Lucky #9
Justin Zane (S)
The Curse : No Surrender (Promo) 
Kidd Comet (US)
Blue Angel Nights - Pop! Rock! Glam! Slam!
Killer Clan Of F.U.N. (S)
Tattletail : Killer Clan Of F.U.N. (Album)
Killer Klown (IT)
Monster Idiot : Gain (Album) 
King Lizard (UK)
Kan't Kill Rock 'n' Roll - Viva La Decadenca
Kings In Exile (DK)
For Everyone - Here's To The Future 

Knock Out Kaine (UK)
Save Me - House Of Sins
Kristy Majors And The Thrill Kills (US)
Broken Lip : Kristy Majors And The Thrill Kills (album)
L.A. Collection (DK)
Dirty Job : Straight To The Bone
L.A. Prostitutes (DK)
Schizophrenia : Get Drunk Or Try Dying (Promo)
Libido Overdrive (DK)
Stand Your Ground - Libido Overdrive (EP)
Lizhard (IT)
Rock 'n' Roll Is Back : Lizhard (CD)
Loud 'N' Nasty (S)
Teaser : Teaser Teaser (album)
Loud 'N' Rowdy (DK)
Alabama Slammer : Demo (Ikke udgivet)
Love Stricken Demise (US)
Psychotrip - Psychotrip
Mala Costumbre (DK)
Maldito Amor : Vida Maleducada (Album
Midnight Cowboys (S)
Misery : Taste Of Oblivion (Promo) 
Mike Tramp & The Rock 'n' Roll Circuz (DK)
All Of My Life + Gotta Get Away: Mike Tramp & The Rock 'n' Roll Circuz (CD)

Mindfeeder (PO)
Endless Storm - Endless Storm (album)
Missing Tide (DK)
Traces Of Fire : Follow The Dreamer (Album) 
Oktan (DK) 
The Heartbreaker : Soundtrack From Your Moms Bedroom 
Pet The Preacher (DK)
A Part Of Me - Meet The Creature (EP)
Phonomik (DK)
Mental Fire : Soul Creeper (CD)
Pump (D)
Low Life In The Fast Lane : Sonic Extasy (Album) 

Rant (DK)
A Good Day To Die - New single
Reckless Love (FI)
Born To Rock : Reckless Love (Album) 
Reign (AUS)
Parachute Dreams - EP
Rock City Angels (US)
I Keep Fighting : Use Once And Destroy (Album) 
Royal Acid Orchestra (S)
Gearhead - Demolition Derby (album)
Scandal Circus (S)
In The Name Of Rock 'n' Roll - In The Name Of Rock 'n' Roll
Shotgun Alley (NZ)
Look At Me Now : Shotgun Alley
Shotgun Revolution (DK)
I Don't Care : Shotgun Revolution (Promo) 
Siamese Fighting Fish (DK)
K.I.T.T And The Heretic Villians : SIFIFI (Promo) 
SIVA Addiction (US)
One Night Rodeo - Bad Decisions
Six Barrel Syndicate (DK)
Sleazy Trash (S)
Fade Away - (EP)
Slömber (NO)
Pamela Carchase : Dirty Drinks & One-Night Stands (Album) 
Snake Eyes Seven (CA)
Resurrection : 13 Crows (album)
Snew (US)
Pull My Stinger - What's It To Ya
Solid Rust (S)
Stick - All The Pieces (EP)
Sparzanza (S)
The Fallen Ones - Death Is Certain, Life Is Not
Stallion Four (S)
The Devil In Me : The Devil In Me (Promo) 
Stereoattack (DK)
Welcome To The Real World - EP 2013
Stereoside (US)
So Long : So Long (album)
Stream City (DK)
The Magician : Hello Gravity (EP)
SuperCharger (DK)
Join In And Loose It : Handgrenade Blues (album)
Superdirt (DK)
Dirty Jesus - Superdirt
Tainted Lady (DK)
Barely Legal - Rock Is Dead (EP)

The Brimstone Days (S)
Float Away : Flowers And Rainbows (EP) 
The Crescent (DK)
Ain't Good But Hard : Demo (EP)

The Terrorhawks (NZ/S)
You Can't Take This : Single
MySpace :
TriggerSoul (US)
Affliction : Restortion (album)
Urban Primate (DK)
You're Blind : Urban Primate (Promo)
Vanity Blvd (S)
Talk Of The Town : Rock 'n' Roll Overdose (Album) 
Vanity Ink (FI)
Smell The Party : More Senseless Random Behavior (Album)
Vegas Vampire (DK)
LoveSick + Clash Of Personality : Chapter One

Violent Divine (S)
Blackheart : In Harm's Way (Album) 

Vlad In Tears (IT/GER)
Fallen Angels : Night In Vladyland (EP)
Whipping Princess (S)
Child In Vain (Single)
White Trash Presidents (DK/S)
One Fuse Left : Single from upcoming album
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