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Souls Of Tide are not trying to reinstate the 70`s rock era, but they definitely have some roots going back to bands, such as The Doors, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath etc. Music could be described as groovy good-feel rock with catchy choruses. Their self-entitled EP «Souls of Tide» came out August 2014 as the band only had been active since January 2014. October 2015 they are are heading back to DUB studio to record their first full length album, and his time also with Endre Kirkesola as producer. It definately states that this Norwegian band means business!
Vegar Larsen - Vocals
Anders Langberg - Guitar
Ole Kristian Østby - Lead Guitar
Øyvind Strõnen Johannesen - Bass
Tommy Kristiansen - Drums
Kjetil Banken - Hammond

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