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Say what you will ...

... but rock music has been well served by the British Isles over the last four decades. Most of the prime movers down rock's flamboyant history have been British and this makes the relative scarcity of quality British hard rock acts over the last decade a puzzle. Sure there was The Darkness, but...

So the arrival on the scene of Scream Arena with their avowed intent to get British rock off the ropes and back into the ring is cause for good cheer. The fact that there is that indefinable something about the bands' sound hints at the fact they may have the tools to do the job. Many have threatened to be the band that flies the flag, Scream Arena, with airplay on a consistent basis all over the world may be the contenders to actually do it.

From the USA and Columbia to Norway, Sweden, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Greece and on to Australia, Scream Arena's audience is growing fast.

Formed in late 2005 by vocalist Andy Paul, Scream Arena went through a number of guitar teams before finalizing the lineup with guitarists, Phil O'Dea and Alex Mullings, bassist Lincoln J. Roth and drummer Michael Maleckyj. The band take from classic influences - Judas Priest, W.A.S.P., Ratt, Skid Row, Accept, Quiet Riot, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Van Halen and UFO, while individual member influences include the likes of Richie Kotzen, Kate Bush,, Mr Big, Talisman, Queen and Alice Cooper and Steelheart. All these no doubt found themselves called upon in some form or another to craft the Scream Arena sound, a sound that aims to balance melody with crunch enough to tear down the walls.

With a full length album recorded and produced with and by renowned Los Angeles based Producer/Artist Paul Sabu (son of legendary actor Sabu), who has worked with David Bowie, Madonna, KISS, Shania Twain and Silent Rage amongst others, Scream Arena is ready to raise the banner a little higher and a little prouder.

Shows with Gun, Wolfsbane, The Quireboys, Panic Room, Cornerstone, Destroyer 666, Marseille, Deborah Bonham amongst others have gone a long way to confirming Scream Arena's live and loud credentials.

Andy Paul ~ Vocals
Alex Mulllings ~ Guitars
Phil O'Dea ~ Guitars
Lincoln J Roth ~ Bass
Michael Maleckyj ~ Drums





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