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The advent of the band RUBICON CROSS is rooted in the connection formed between two prolific musicians facing adverse conditions together. The friendship between vocalist CJ Snare and guitarist Chris Green is as solid as the bond that they share as songwriting collaborators and that bond is the creative nucleus for this recording.

The two first met backstage while sharing the same stage at a rock festival in Madrid. From relationship break-ups to standing next to each other as best men at each other’s weddings, they have traveled the bumpy road of life as best friends. CJ is godfather to Chris’ toddler son and for over a decade they have experienced heartaches, hangovers and even transcontinental relocations together. With this kind of solidarity, it was inevitable that they would become bandmates.

For the last two decades, both CJ and Chris have been making a bountiful living practicing their craft. Their career achievements would be the envy of any professional musician: Award winning vocalist, CJ Snare, a native of Tampa, Florida is a founding member, primary songwriter and lead vocalist for the supremely successful, multi-Platinum-selling hard rock outfit, Firehouse. Highly respected London-born guitar virtuoso Chris Green is a founding member of both internationally known metal bands Pride and Furyon.

What initially began as a solo project for CJ soon became a collaborative effort between two like-minded craftsmen. And, as all creative people will attest, the creative process often dictates policy--as opposed to the other way around. Immediately upon the completion of the first song they wrote together, “Moving On,” they knew that it was going to be something completely new and different for them both.

Some projects just have to be made. And for this one, they knew that they would need to do it outside of their other pursuits.

Together they formed RUBICON CROSS. With the addition of Pride/Furyon bassist Simon Farmery (who co-wrote, “Save Me Within”), Seventh Omen drummer Robert Behnke, and second guitarist Jeff Lerman, RUBICON CROSS became a band of brothers, willing to tackle the music, the road, and bring life to these songs of fight, commitment and connection.

The lush melodic core of the songwriting is given a forceful, aggressive boost on this record. From the first single, “Bleed With Me” that starts just as propulsive as it ends to “Kill Or Be Killed” that has a relentless metal drive, RUBICON CROSS is a collection of contemporary heavy music that sits just as comfortably next to hard rock classics as it does modern rock upstarts. The opening track “Locked and Loaded” is featured on the Xbox360 and PS3 game “Dirt Showdown” along side of new rock heavy-hitters Rise Against, Rival Sons and The Parlor Mob.

With all of the life experience, career accomplishments and expert musicianship between them, it was a “no-brainer” for Universal distributed label, INgrooves, to sign them upon hearing the finished tracks on this remarkable debut offering.

All songs written by C J Snare and Chris Green except “Save Me Within” written by CJ Snare, Chris Green and Simon Farmery. The album was mixed and mastered by platinum-selling, award-winning producer/engineer Rick Beato.
Members CJ Snare/Vocals
Chris Green/Lead Guitars
Simon Farmery/Bass
Robert Behnke/Drums
Jeff Lerman/Guitar.
Scream Baby Scream stars Music personalities Becky Delirious, Damien Evil, Rendih Ironscrap and Mark Knox, in the most perverse and horrofying roles of their careers. When the nightmare becomes reality and blood blows like water all you can do is Scream Baby Scream!

The Horror Shock Rokers known as SCREAM BABY SCREAM are a band formed in April 2010 by Becky Delirious (bass guitar/backing Vocals) and Rendih IronScrap (lead guitar), with the participation of Damien Evil on vocals, and David BenjiRotten on drums. Their sound is "filthy horror shock metal" with industrial influences. After some months of shakedown in studio and live shows, on November 19th 2010, the band release its first EP "You and me, 3 meters underground", gaining the approval of the crowd of Northern Italy, sharing the stage with big names of rock and metal.

On May 13th 2011, SBS release their first official record titled "Campfire tales", co-produced and recorded at Twilight Studios. During the composition of their full-length the band decide to add some keyboard and synths parts, and this became possible by the introduction of Ryan T.3rr0r in the band.
The album has been distributed on all the Musical Ecommerce stores (ITUNES, AMAZON etc.) and with two bonus tracks (the remakes of Aqua's "Barbie Girl" and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance") in physical CD.

Moreover, the first of June, SBS released their first official video on YouTube for the single "Make your choice", written by Damien Evil and Becky Delirious and directed by Twilight Studios.
The band promote the album with a tour hitting Italy and France, leaving on September 25th 2011, bringing SBS to many of the most important Italian and European Cities, playing Shows as headliners or supporting famous bands.
On December 25th 2011, a second single from "CAMPFIRE TALES" was released: "Scream Baby Scream 'till Death" directed by Elisabetta Pernici.
In July 2012 SBS see their name on the billboard of TOTAL METAL FEST, one of the biggest festival of South of Italy, managed by Vivo Management, sharing the stage with best bands of the Italian Underground music scene and with headliners SADIST, DARK FUNERAL and TESTAMENT.

Since 2012, the band shared the stage with Misfits, Chrome Division, The Vision Bleak, Theatres des Vampires, Cadaveria, Sister, Private Line, Lord of the Lost, Fatal Smile and many others.

In 2013, SCREAM BABY SCREAM already toured across Europe, including Germany, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium, Sweden and Finland.

2014 is the year of the claimed release of the CFT sequel, called "From the otherside... with love" that will be out on March 5th, and will be introduced by the single "Tanz Schlampe", out on February 21st with the 3rd official videoclip.

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