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Blackbird Syndicate was formed in a smelly rehearsal container in Copenhagen during January 2014 by guitar maestro Simon Teisen and drummer Rune Gravengaard (ex PHONOMIK, ex Levitate).

Shortly after guitarist Morten Jensen and his old friend and singer Casper Greiff (GREIFF, ex Third Eye, ex Alive) joined.

In late spring of 2016 Thomas Vaucanson completed the lineup on the bass guitar.

Blackbird Syndicate honours the classic hard rock tradition with catchy melodies and wind-in-the-hair guitar solos. The band is not afraid to bring some strong ballads to the table either, thus completing a powerful yet sensitive package delivered with skilled craftsmanship.

Debut EP "Meconium" will be released digital platforms late summer 2016 and 1st single "Drive Me Crazy" coming out June 28th.

Live shows are in the process of being booked and rest assured - Blackbird Syndicate will soon come to a venue near you!
Casper Greiff - Vocals
Simon Teisen - Lead Guitars
Rune Gravengaard - Drums
Morten Jensen - Guitars
Thomas Vaucanson - Bass

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