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Being a long time project of songwriter Roelof and Drummer Christian, Pushing Daisy has been a work in progress from before the turn of the millennium, since the two teenagers found a common musical ground. Songs have evolved through the need for personal expression and work with mindstrangling melodic riffs. Together with Jacob and Daniel, a short venture into God Am Alice Jam grew into the final Pushing Daisy constellation in mid 2009. Luffe, still being the lyricist, and with Christian providing new melodic material, the work towards the final songs are with the involvement of four souls – at least.

With obvious inspiration from bands like Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Machine Head, Soundgarden, Tool, Faith No More and dozens others, yet Pushing Daisy digs deep with their own noticeable sound. Hard rock being the closest genre label, grunge is ever present in expression or composition, garage rock in the energy and driving chords, and metal in the massiveness and intensity of the whole soundscape at times. Yet – the melody is always the main element of tunes, and melancholy a returning feeling for the band and the fans mixed with occasional destructiveness and aggression. Life hasn’t always been easy, but we’re starting to understand why, and why it’s nothing to avoid – you just go through it to reach the light at the other end.
Guitar & Vocals: Roelof Witmans
Guitar: Troels Hadberg
Bass Guitar: Daniel Brandorff
Drums: Christian Ebert

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