“Jazz, isn’t that just a series of mistakes diguised as musical composition?”
David St. Hubbins(1992)
“I could never quite understand cocaine, you can’t get a hard on, you can’t sleep and you grind your teeth, what the fuck is good about that?”
Jon Bon Jovi(2000)
"If It Ain't Gonna Rock It Ain't Gonna Roll"
Mike Tramp(2002)
“A kid once said to me “Do you get hangovers?” I said, “To get hangovers you have to stop drinking.”
Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister(2006)
“Life sucks, but in a beautiful kind of way.”
Axl Rose(1998)
“I’d rather be dead than cool.”
Kurt Cobain(1992)
“One time we saw some hookers but when we got closer we realized it was Motley Crue.”
James Hetfield(1989)
“We believed that anything that was worth doing was worth overdoing.”
Steven Tyler(1990)
Magick Touch are a power trio with the emphasis on power from the southwestern coastal town of Bergen, Norway.

“Taking their cues from the greats of the late ’70s/early ’80s, Magick Touch blend Whitesnake, Deep Purple, G ‘N’ R, Lizzy, Zeppelin and even a touch of KISS to deliver us a finely-honed banquet of good old classic rock. From the very first few bars of ‘Love Rocket’, the energy and enjoyment that these three guys have put into the record is palpable. That they can a) write some great tunes and b) play their socks off just completes the package” - Iron Fist Magazine, UK, April 2016
HK Rein on guitar/vocals
Bård Nordvik/drums
Christer Ottesen on bass/vocals.

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