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Mob Rules was founded in the year 1994 by Matthias Mineur, Thorsten Plorin, Klaus Dirks an Arved Mannott. Mineur and Plorin already played together in the well known regional band Van Blanc. Two years after, supported by Oliver Fuhlhage as second guitarist, they produced a Demo-EP called "Savage Land Part I" on their own an draw attention of a few record companies. The band choose Limb Music and finally released their debut album "Savage Land" in 1999, which earned a lot of good reputations. On the following tour, they where supported by keyboarder Sascha Onnen, who later joined Mob Rules as a regular bandmember.

In the following years, Mob Rules released three further records, which also gained high ratings by the critics. The band toured with Savatage, played several times on the Wacken Open Air and supported Acts like Dio or The Scorpions. There also was tour with Lordi and Amon Amarth at the Wacken Roadshow.

In 2004 Oliver Fuhlhage left the band and was replaced by Sven Lüdke.

In 2006 Thorsten Plorin also left an was replaced by Markus Brinkmann. In this year the album Ethnolution A.D. was released, which marks an important milestone in the bands history.

In May 2007 Mob Rules played their first gig outside Europe on the Bay Area Festival in San Francisco, CA, USA.

In 2009 Nikolas Fritz was announced as new drummer and recorded the newest album "Radical Peace" with Mob Rules, which was realeased in November.

In the end of 2010, Sascha Onnen left the band to have more time with his young familiy and his new born child. He was replaced by Jan Christian Halfbrodt.

In October 2012, the seventh album "Cannibal Nation" was released.
Klaus Dirks - Vocals
Matthias Mineur - Guitars
Sven Lüdke - Guitars
Jan Christian Halfbrodt - Keyboards
Markus Brinkmann - Bass
Nikolas Fritz - Drums

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