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When it comes to spotting new talent on the metal scene, few people have a successful backstory such as celebrity producer Flemming Rasmussen - being behind the success of early Metallica. But when it comes to Defecto, the message from Flemming is clear:

"Defecto is a group with tremendous talent and enormous potential in Denmark as well as internationally."

Defecto is Denmark’s newest and finest addition to melodic and progressive metal, featuring huge catchy choruses, massive riffs, soaring melodies, blazing solos and grandiose symphonies with a modern feel.

Formed in the outskirts of Copenhagen in 2011, the band is recently experiencing a considerable breakthrough in the Danish metal scene following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, "Excluded", released in march 2016, which gave them a dedicated fan base in the Danish Metal scene.

Following this release, the band has gathered an excellent reputation as a live act; first playing a sold-out tour in Denmark in support of Excluded, and playing prestigious gigs such as supporting Metallica in Copenhagen's brand new Royal Arena in 2017 as well as opening the Danish festival Copenhell in 2016.

In early 2017, Defecto's second album is currently being finished, produced and engineered by producer, vocalist and front man Nicklas Sonne in his own studio. For this album, the musical mission was to create songs that have an instant impact on the listener, with a focus on simply writing great songs that break down musical barriers instead of trying to fit into a certain sound.

The result is unlike anything else found in the Danish metal scene - modern, powerful, progressive and symphonic heavy metal with an accessible sound and melodies that’ll stay in your head from the first listen.

The album is expected to be released in the last half of 2017.
Nicklas Sonne \\ Vocals & Guitars
Frederik Møller \\ Guitars
Thomas Bartholin \\ Bass
Lars Jensen \\ Drums

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