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Behold the Glorious Dead!

Coming off of their second album ‘Onwards Into Battle’, the Vanir of 2014 is set to give praise to the Glorious Dead throughout the ages of man. After experiencing a line-up change in 2013, Vanir remains dedicated to writing and producing Viking and Battle themed metal with influences from a number of melodic metal genres, though with a sharper edge than ever before!

Vanir has, over the years, played many shows in their home country of Denmark, as well as in the surrounding countries of Sweden, Norway and Germany. They seek to ignite the crowd in a raucous bash of metal and a celebration of warriors throughout history, and a highly energetic live show has always been a prime focus of the way in which Vanir approaches their music. This has not changed with their exploration of a more brutal sound on their most recent album “The Glorious Dead”, and Vanir continues to play both national and international shows and festivals.

Going into the future, Vanir will continue to seek to thrill crowds with their unique blend of melodic death metal and the traditional war instrument of Scottish highland Bagpipes. Join us on the field of battle and earn your place amongst the Glorious Dead!
Vocals: Martin Holmsgaard Håkan
Lead Guitars: Lasse Guldbæk
Rythm Guitars: Phillip Kaaber
Bagpipes: Sara Oddershede
Bass: Lars Bundvad
Drums: Daniel ‘Luske’ Kronskov

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