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Winterage is a symphonic metal mand from Italy. They released the critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Harmonic Passage’ in 2015 and they have shared the stage with renowned bands such as Angra, Moonspell, Elvenking, Dark Moor and many others, Winterage are now ready to unleash their full potential and reach a broader audience with their new, ambitious effort, a powerful Symphonic metal album with strong influences coming from Irish folk, classical and medieval music.

Alongside the typical rock instruments the band is known for the presence of a violin in the line-up and the use of a full orchestra and a choir during the recording process. Over 50 musicians and other professionals took part in the production of ‘The Inheritance Of Beauty’, including Tommy Talamanca (Sadist), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) and Vito Lo Re (Rhapsody Of Fire). Simone Coen (Chocolate Studio, Apple) mixed the album and Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Epica, Fleshgod Apocalypse) took care of the mastering duties.

Their second album 'The Inheritance Of Beauty’ saw the light on January 15th 2021 on Scarlet Records. 
Daniele Barbarossa (vocals)
Davide Bartoli (drums)
Matteo Raganini (bass)
Dario Gisotti (keyboards and folk instruments)
Gabriele Boschi (violin)
Riccardo Gisotti (guitar)

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