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The Rebel Saints represents a dynamic partnership between singer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Anderberg and guitarist Ola Berg. Typically, Thomas spearheads the creative process, generating new song ideas, which he and Ola collaboratively refine and arrange in the recording studio.

In their musical synergy, Thomas takes on lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, and drum programming, while Ola contributes with guitars and backing vocals. With extensive backgrounds spanning the music industry, radio, TV, and touring circuits in Sweden, Finland, and the U.S., both Thomas and Ola bring a wealth of experience to their collaboration.

The inception of The Rebel Saints traces back to an unexpected scenario in 2019 when the duo was invited to perform at a local company event. Despite the event's cancellation in the wake of Covid, the duo seized the opportunity to revisit some old songs and re-record them in Ola's professional recording studio.

This marked the genesis of a three-year musical odyssey, culminating in the birth of "The Rebel Saints" as a musical project. Their debut single, "Hammerdown," resurrects a 30-year-old gem never unveiled in the 1990s. Released on January 17th, 2024, the track served as the precursor to two additional singles before the unveiling of their full-length debut album comprising 12 electrifying tracks which was released on March 15th, 2024.
Thomas Anderberg - lead vocals/bass guitar/keyboards/drum programming
Ola Berg - guitars

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