Silverchair - The Best Of Vol. 1 (DVD)

2003 - Sony
Daniel Johns – vocals, guitars, piano, harpsichord, orchestral arrangements (tracks 2, 4, 10)
Ben Gillies – drums, percussion
Chris Joannou – bass guitar
Additional personnel

Rob Woolf – hammond organ
Michele Rose – pedal steel
Paul Mac – piano and keyboards
Jim Moginie– keyboards (tracks 2, 5), piano (track 5)
This release combines music videos and live performances from the Australian grunge band Silverchair. There are renditions of over one dozen songs, including "Emotion Sickness," "Israel's on," "Freak," "Tomorrow," "Anthem for the Year 2000," and "Cemetery."

Emotion Sickness - music video
Miss you love - music video
Ana's song (open fire) - music video
Anthem for the year 2000 - music video
Cemetery - music video
Abuse me - music video
Freak - music video
Israel's son - music video
Pure massacre (australian version) - music video
Tomorrow - music video
The door - (live at melbourne park)
Paint pastel princess - (live at melbourne park)
Spawn again - (live at melbourn park)
Pure massacre - (us version) music video
And it has the entire emotion pictures documentary with the emotion pictures music videos repeated in it with some of the live shows from their US tour
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Silverchair - The Best Of Vol. 1 (DVD)