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Alvin And The Chipmunks - Simon For President (DVD) (NY)

2015 - SF

Stadigvæk i original emballage.

Tale: dansk, svensk eller norsk
Tid: 1 time 30 min

The current class president backs up traffic and makes The Chipmunks late so he and his friends can walk on a red carpet. Sick of his actions, Dave suggests Simon to run. Simon makes his first campaign speech pledging to end favoritism. Soon after Brittany begins giving Simon advice, Alvin signs up to run too with Theodore doing all the work. Alvin interrupts Simon's snoozy second speech on his skateboard and pledges to host pool parties if he is elected. The next day, Simon discovers his posters defaced and attempts to "play the game" but Brittany has to take it further for him. As a result, Alvin and Simon begin publicly posting embarrassing videos to get back at each other. Alvin throws his first pool party but must quickly get everyone out and clean up as Dave is almost home. That night at dinner, Alvin and Simon argue about each other's actions before the phone calls come in about Alvin's party. Simon offers to help Alvin with his punishment chores but learns that Alvin was only in the race to help Bocarter win by splitting the vote so Alvin can get the perks. At the vote, Alvin drops out of the race and Theodore collects evidence exposing Bocarter for cheating allowing Simon to win.
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Alvin And The Chipmunks - Simon For President (DVD) (NY)