Interview / Supercharger

3. juli 2008

Interview with Supercharger 3. July 2008


Calle: How did you guys meet?


Supercharger: It all started back in 2005. I guess when Mikkel, Thomas Buggie and our former guitar player hooked up at a bar called Gauss. I remember that I instantly knew that we had a lot in common and shared the same kind of understanding about how rock was supposed to be played. We called up a good friend, the German drummer Max Funk and went in the rehearsal room.


Later on we teamed up with our bass player Brian. He usually just hung around the rehearsal room drinking our beer. So when we at some point needed a new guy on the bass, it seemed only natural to drag him in for the job. At the beginning he had a hard time breathing and playing the bass at the same time, but he quickly got the hang of it. For a time there were different replacements here and there, but at some point everything fell into place and SuperCharger was born.


Some of us got new tattoos. Some read the satanic bible a couple of times before bedtime and BAM…!! A cool rock´n roll band was born.


Peter Elnegaard later on chose to leave Supercharger because of personal reasons and was replaced by one of our good buddy’s Thomas P, and that has been the lineup ever since.


Calle: What got you into music in the first place?


Supercharger: Well all of us have had our idols. I think I speak for all of us when I tell you that watching our Rock-idols and guitar–Gods on TV is what got us into music. None of us was ever sat by the piano by our parents at the age of 4, or any thing like that.


I remember this one time hanging out with too older brothers and a couple of their friends when I had my first musically orgasm. What I saw on the TV through that thick Bong smoke was the coolest thing I have ever seen. A black haired man riding a Harley in the desert setting the road on fire behind him … F**K…he stops at a hill of some shape where his other band mate’s are ripping the shit out of their guitars, which are formed like skulls. That was the “Wild Child” music video by WASP. I don’t know if it was the bong smoke that made it all so extraordinary but from that day on I knew that I wanted to be a bad ass just like Blackie Lawless.   


Calle: Who are your biggest influences?


Supercharger: I don’t know who our biggest influences are. I mean; we get inspiration from all kinds of music genres. From death metal to cheesy glam to like hardcore industrial – and maybe a little rock ´n roll here and there…. It’s hard to just name one band or one artist. 


Calle: Name 3 “older” bands and 3 “newer” bands you can recommend?




Old: KISS, ACDC and Motley

New: Airbourne, Backyard Babies and Mustasch
Junkyard Spectacles EP


Calle: You have released one EP (Junkyard Spectacles). When can we expect a full length CD?


Supercharger: We are, as we speak, writing new material. And I mean lots and lots of new shit. We plan to record a full length CD in September/October. We have already booked studio time in Smart’n’Hard Studios with Jacob Bredahl (ex Hatesphere singer), where we also recorded the EP. If all goes well it will be out on a label before Christmas.


Calle: How do you write the songs? Does each of you come up with ideas or do you all write together?


Supercharger: We all have ideas, some more than others. Some times we come op with stuff at home, some times in the rehearsal room. Then we’ll usually try it out and finish the writing together. It works great for us that way, because the songs end up with a little bit of everybody in them.


Calle: I really like your logo. Who came up with the idea and who did the artwork for it?


Supercharger: Well; we always use the same billion-dollar-graphical-designer guy from Taxas, New York for all our artwork….. he he - RIGHT! No Thomas B did the logo in a shareware designer-program. He is the EDB guy in the family. He also do our T shirts, flyers, homepage and stuff.
                                Super cool logo                                    Thomas B.


Calle: You have been on tour in England and played shows in Denmark. Do you have dream about “conquering” the world? 


Supercharger: Eeeh NO…? Of cause we do, but we are also very realistic about it, we take one goal at a time and just work as hard as we can to get as far as possible, I mean there are so many killer bands out there, so the competition is rough of course.


Calle: You put on a great rock ‘n’ roll live-show. Last time I saw you play you had two go-go girls on stage. Is that something you do at every gig?


Supercharger: Thanks. No it’s not something we do every time. But whenever we can afford it and the venue is big enough we blow up the stage with Pyro-shit and “slutty” dancers.

Calle: What can we expect from Supercharger for the rest of 2008?


Supercharger: 2008 is gonna be an exiting year for SuperCharger. We hope to have a new record out and we are planning a Europe tour that is going to be 2 week tour probably as support for a bigger band if all goes well. And of cause we have a lot of Danish gig’s in the fall. And hey... Brian is getting his other arm tattooed in October.


Calle: What’s the best advice you can give to other up-coming bands?


Supercharger: Get out and play live for f**k sake. It’s the only way you’ll ever get any good. Make more music and less myspace.


And now some questions outside music:


Calle: What was the first cd you ever purchased?


Supercharger: Can’t remember. I was hooked on cassettes and LP’s to like the 90’s

No let’s see… here is some of the first: Alice Cooper – Hey stupid

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction.


Calle: What do you do when you’re not playing music? What’s your other interest?


Supercharger: I don’t think any of us got any really big interest other than music. The music really takes up a lot of time in the rehearsal room, the weekends (out gigging) and at home too. So the time-leftovers are pretty much reserved for our family and friends… and of cause partying, drinking and checking out music live. No wait… Thomas P collects butterflies ha ha ha ha…


Calle: What’s your favorite drink?


Supercharger: Jack ‘n’ Coke aka. “Love Juice”. And if they don’t have that… BEER!


Calle: Who’s your favorite person in the world?


Supercharger: What kind of question is that?
(Calle: Well...I thought it was an interesting question!)


Calle: Any last words for the fans?


Supercharger: Thanks to the supporters and the many rockers who always shows up at the concerts…keep rocking for fuck sake … 
                           Max (trommer)             Brian (bass)                  Mikkel (vox) 
                                               Thomas B. (guitar)       Thomas P. (guitar)
The End