Interview / Bobby Kidd

1. december. 2008

Interview with Bobby Kidd
                  Bobby Kidd                            Bobby Kidd with band

Calle: What got you into music in the first place?


Bobby Kidd: I remember the first time I saw Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora performing live and from that moment I was hooked.


Calle: What made you want to be a solo artist instead of in a band?


Bobby Kidd: Well I wasn’t always a solo artist. I actually started playing keyboard in a band. Then went out solo as I wanted to do more with my music but was restricted within the band at the time. But I did try the band thing again not so long ago, but once again, it didn’t work out. I’ve always had a certain vision and certain style I wanted to play and it’s hard to try and find guys that are on the same page. So I figure, just go it alone and get a backing band instead. It’s worked out quite well. Having said all that though, I love playing with the band on stage. It looks like and sounds like a rocking band instead of a solo artist with some guys behind him, if you know what I mean.


Calle: Who are your biggest influences?


Bobby Kidd: Anyone and anything that has a great melody. I love melody, harmonies, and a great production. At the moment I’m listening to Nickelback’s new album ‘Dark Horse’. Awesome production, great catchy, melodic songs, ‘Mutt’ Lange has done a great job once again in producing an awesome album. So definitely I’m influenced by bands such as Nickelback, Daughtry, Bon Jovi, Sixx.A.M, Keith Urban, 30 STM, Pink, Butch Walker….. just to name a few.


Calle: Name 3 “older” bands and 3 “newer” bands you can recommend?


Bobby Kidd: Well the 3 older bands would definitely be Bon Jovi, Nickelback and Butch Walker. As for the 3 new bands, I would say Daughtry, Simple Plan and Pink. There’s so many great old and new bands out there, It’s so hard to narrow it down. 


Calle: You released your EP “Breaking Me Down” earlier this year. How has the response from the critics and the fans been?


Bobby Kidd: Yeah I released it back in May I believe. The response so far has been great from both the critics and fans, especially from across Europe and America. So I can’t wait to get out there and tour with the band.


Calle: Where do you find the inspiration for the songs?


Bobby Kidd: That’s an interesting question. It could come from anywhere or anyone. The more you live, the more you experience (good or bad). Sometimes it’s from my own life stories and experiences and well, sometimes it’s an observation. Either way, you gotta believe what it is your singing about and have the passion to go along with it because if you don’t it will come across to the Fans and they’ll let you know about it lol.


Calle: If you could chose one song you wish you had written, which song would that be, and why?


Bobby Kidd: That’s not fair lol. Just 1 song? Bugger lol. Well that’s a tough call, but right of the top of my head it would have to be Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’. Why, well do I need to say why lol.I rest my case.


Calle: If you get the chance to write and play a song with another musician, who would you like that to be?


Bobby Kidd: Definitely would be ‘Butch Walker’. He has so much charisma and talent. Again, there’s so many other guys and girls that I would love the opportunity to write and play with for that matter. But you only asked for 1 so Butch it is.


Bobby Kidd sing and play guitar
Calle: You live in Melbourne. How will you describe the music scene there, and in Australia in general?


Bobby Kidd: Yeah, I moved down to Melbourne from Sydney about 3 years ago. Definitely the music scene down here is a lot better than up in Sydney. However even down here depending on what style or type of music your doing it could be great, but in my case and many others, it’s hard to get regular gigs. There’s a lot of demand for cover bands or tribute bands. And if you happen to be in an original band and your commercial mainstream like myself, then your chances get slimmer to get regular work. Australia hasn’t taken to well to that type of music. I don’t know why. Unless you’re an established artist or band then that’s ok, but starting off as an up and coming makes it really hard. That’s why a lot of acts go overseas and some do quite well and then return back to Australia as stars. (Go figure) lol


Calle: What bands have you been on tour with or played with?


Bobby Kidd: Well like I mentioned in the previous question, it’s hard getting regular gigs in Melbourne, let alone Australia. Australia is a small country (in population) So doing tours as an unknown is pretty much out of the question, unless you’ve got money behind you. As for who I’ve played with. Just some local and interstate bands. Again no one you would’ve heard of. We’re all in the same boat, just waiting to be discovered and head off overseas to Europe or America (well at least for me anyway).


Calle: What band/bands would you like to play with?


Bobby Kidd: Well there’s a couple of bands/artists down here in Melbourne that I’d like to play with. But on the bigger picture I’d love to tour with the likes of some of my influences, Nickelback, Daughtry, Bon Jovi, Pink, etc etc.


Calle: What can the fans expect when they go see you and your band live?


Bobby Kidd: A great show. It’s an entertaining and energetic show. There’s so much energy and charisma up on stage. And if that’s not enough, there’s always the great songs to sing along too lol.


Bobby Kidd and the band live
Calle: What’s the largest and smallest crowd you have played in front of?


Bobby Kidd: Well that’s an easy question to answer as it hard to get out there and be exposed as an unknown, but the smallest would have to be to the support band and their girlfriend’s lol. About 10. And the largest would have to be around about 850 or so.


Calle: How would you describe your music to people who don’t know you?


Bobby Kidd: Catchy, melodic, commercial pop/rock tunes, With a touch of old school Bon Jovi thrown in there.


Calle: Do you have any plans on releasing a full-length album in the near future?


Bobby Kidd: At this point in time, there’s no plans of releasing an album yet. However I’d love too but the aim right now is to go overseas and get out on the road and play as many shows as possible and hopefully get picked up by a major label or management.


Calle: How would you describe each member of your backing band?


Bobby Kidd: A great bunch of guys. Very professional at what they do and very loyal. A fun bunch of guys to be around. I’m really looking forward to going out on the road with them. Let the good times begin lol.


Jai Lee (guitar) The rock god.

Perron Lan (guitar) The country dude.

Connor O’neill (bass) The funky dude with the hair.

Robert Callea (drums) The jazz hit man.


A great bunch of guys
Calle: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


Bobby Kidd: Hopefully with a bit of luck, I’ll be successful and have made a name for myself in the music industry world wide as a singer/songwriter. Also I see myself writing and producing for other artists down the road. As long as I’m doing music on some level or capacity, I’ll be a happy man.


Calle: What’s the best advice you can give to up-coming artists/bands?


Bobby Kidd: Lol. Well in my experiences for what it’s worth, I’d say for any young up and coming artist or bands, to me the most important or at least it’s one of the most important things you should look at and have going for you is ‘THE SONG’. With out a great song, it doesn’t mean a thing. You could be a great singer, but people won’t tune into anything you sing and if they do, it wont be for long if you don’t have the song. Image only takes you so far and your voice can be altered in the studio. But a crap song is a crap song full stop. So my advice is to write, write, re-write and do it again. Have the killer hit songs and then with a lot of luck you could be on your way to rocking it out at Madison Square Gardens or the O2 Arena.


And now some questions outside music:

Calle: What was the first CD/LP you ever purchased?


Bobby Kidd: I think it was a casstette, Abba – Waterloo. I can’t quite remember. Either that or a Kiss LP.


Calle: What was the latest CD/LP you bought?


Bobby Kidd: Well I’m listening to it as I’m writing this down. Nickelback –‘Dark Horse’


Calle: What do you do when you’re not playing music?


Bobby Kidd: I love photography (used to do it professionally) I also love playing tennis and love boats. Love getting out on Jai’s (guitarist) boat whenever the opportunity comes around.


Calle: What’s your favorite drink?


Bobby Kidd: I have 2 favorite drinks. A good bottle of Shiraz (red wine) and Southern Comfort with lemonade (very sweet I know lol)  


Calle: What education do you have?


Bobby Kidd: I never actually finished high school. Went straight into college a year before I was supposed to finish school and completed a degree in Electronics. Studied some music courses etc etc. I was never one for studying. I couldn’t keep my mind still. I was always floating and thinking about being a rock star and writing songs in my head. In fact, school ‘FOR ME’, was a distraction.


Calle: What do you know about Denmark?


Bobby Kidd: I know that your now ‘Princess Mary’ was born and raised in Australia (Tasmania to be precise) and also that the Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia) was designed by a famous Danish Architect. I’ve never traveled overseas, so my knowledge of country’s and places is very limited. Sorry folks. I’m a quick learner though.


Calle: Any last words for the fans?


Bobby Kidd: Thanks for the continuous support you have all shown me and I hope to see you all on the road very soon. Don’t forget to get a copy of my Debut E.P ‘Breaking Me Down’ available now through itunes.
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