Interview / Martin & Peo fra Gasoline Queen

12. februar 2009

Interview with Martin and Peo (Mart Wildheart and Mad Dog) from Gasoline Queen

Calle: The current line-up of the band was established in 2004. How did you guys meet?

Martin & Peo: Four of the guys had already formed GQ from other bands, when there beginning to be a cooperating problem with the guitarist being the 5th member, not on a personal level. Just musically we might add. Martin joined in spring 2004 sometime. And here we are today.
Calle: Who are your biggest influences?
Martin & Peo: We have very different taste in music within the band. Everything from the Who, Stones, Zeppelin to Bon Jovi, MŲtley CrŁe to Hellacopters to Slayer, Pantera, At the gates and much more. But the ones we all seem to have in common are bands like Guns n roses, Gluecifer, Airbourne, The Hellacopters, D:A:D (yeah D:A:D for sure, weíre not being brownnoses ha ha, great band, simple as that). Though all of the musicstyles isínt represented in the music directly, all of the elements blend in an makes one delicious cocktail called GASOLINE QUEEN.
Calle: What got you into music in the first place?
Martin: Allthough I stood in the garden playing a tennisrack to twisted sisters Ė Stay hungry album when I was like 6 or 7 I didínt try a real guitar until My Dad and Mom bought me a guitar, more of their will then mine at first. But during later gradeschool I began loving to play. So thank you folks.
Peo: I met Mike on a swedish lesson in school and he was drummin' on the bench all the time. I asked him if he was in a band or something. He asked me if I wanted to play bass in his band and I said yes. Duff in Gn'R had always been my idol as a kid so it fell natural to play the four-string.  

From left to right: Andy McQueen (drums), Mart Wilheart (lead guitar), Dee Fearless (vocals), Mad Dog (Bass) and Mike Spider (guitar)

Calle: At the end of January youíll release your new EP "Gas For The Underclass". What can the fans expect from the EP?
Martin & Peo: It's a bit delayed, It is being pressed at the factory and should arrive withing a week or two, so late Feb is more accurate. But they can expect good old Gasoline queen rock n roll, 4 killer tunes that hopefully will get our asses on the road. The sound is a bit bigger and cleaner than the last EP. But itís the same style feel good rock. Two of the songs is up for listening at our myspace. Check emí out.  

Calle: How do you write the songs? Does each of you come up with ideas or do you all write together?
Martin & Peo: Mainly somebody brings a riff or three and has an idea. Then we piece it together as a unit. Though somethings Is just made up on the spot when we rehearse, the main way is the first. And everybody gets to say their meaning, itís a democracy... At least sometimes...
Calle: Where do you find the inspiration for the songs?
Martin & Peo: In music we hear, in our everyday life and in our twisted minds. Itís not that we have a message to the world, other people do that better. Itís only rock n roll Ė but we like it. Itís all about having a good time. Thereís too much misery around anyway, GQ is pure pleasure.
Calle: If you should name one song you wish you had written, what song would that be, and why?
Martin: Itís almost impossible, thereís too much great songs written too just name one. Did another interview the other day and then it felt like Cowboys from hell, But today Iíll say Paradise city, First time I heard it I was stunned. And when I bought the Appetite album it didnít leave my cd-player for two months straight, so it would have been nice to have written that.
Peo: Nightrain with Gn'R. Listen and hear why!!
Gasoline Queen - Hard Rock 'n' Roll From Sweden
Calle: Gasoline Queen is from Sweden. The rock/sleaze scene seems to be "big" in Sweden at the moment. Whatís your opinion on that?
Martin & Peo: Itís mostly good I think. Being as big as it is makes a lot of people eager to discover new bands in that style of music. And though we donít think weíre in the glam/sleaze but more of a hard rock n roll band, many people stumble upon us searching for that music. And many people love what they hear. The bad part is that you could be accused of being a copycat just trying to ride the wave or something. But as long as you love what you are doing, and doing it mainly because you like the music yourself, the bands who just join the trend soon will be sorted out. This question could just be discussed for hours, but letís quit here ok?  
Calle: Speaking of the rock scene in Sweden, I guess a lot of the Swedish bands would like to play at Sweden Rock Festival. Do you have that dream to?
Martin & Peo: Of course, and I think we would do pretty god damn good. Weíre at our best at a stage with a bit of space. To truly let the madness have Itís ways.
Calle: What bands have you played with or been on tour with?
Martin & Peo: We havenít been on much of an actual tour yet. We do hope to change that with this upcoming EP. Any bookers reading this feel free to contact us. Everything we do at the moment is by our own hands and the money taken from our own pockets( as for the EP, all effort, time, money, paid by the Gasoline machine). And those pockets arenít filled to the brim I tell you;) We have played with bands such as Thunder express, Babylon bombs, Crash diet and last summer we attended a festival with amongst others : Alice cooper, Mustasch, Europe, Helloween, Entombed and many more.
Calle: If you get the chance to open for/play with some other bands, who would you like that to be?
Martin: Since the real G n R arenít around, it would be killer to open for something like Velvet revolver (if they are around anytime soon) or Airbourne.
Peo: Martin got it pretty covered there. Make Rod Jackson front Velvet Revolver and then I would be begging on my knees just hear them.
Calle: You seem to have a great reputation as a live act. What can the fans expect when they go see Gasoline Queen live?
Martin & Peo: Pure madness, we spare nothing at our gigs. Take no prisoners is the way to go! An explosive, sweaty, hard hitting, rock n roll rumble- leaving you numb, dehydrated and grasping for air (or beer) at the nearest space available. 

Gasoline Queen live on stage

Calle: Name 3 "older" bands and 3 "newer" bands you can recommend?
Martin: "Older" Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd skynyrd, AC/DC ( not knowing what defines old, Ac/dc just relesad an album, but they have been around for ages, respect!) I would also like to put G níR in the middle not being old, nor new. "Newer" bands like Pantera, Airbourne, Black label society
Peo: I would like to add two not so old but still not new bands like Alice in chains and Sisters of mercy. 
Calle: If you could put together your dream band, who would be in it?
Martin & Peo: Another almost impossible question?
Martin: Steven Tyler, Axl Rose and Peter Dolving sharing the michrophone.
The guitars devoured by, Slash, Zakk Wylde and Dimebag
Bass is molested by Rex Brown and the drums being shred to pieces by Dave Lombardo. Donít know what the hell kind of music it would be, but It shure would be interesting.

Peo: I say Rod Jackson, Slash, Duff, Tommy Lee and Izzy.  
Calle: Whatís the best advice you can give to other up-coming bands?
Martin & Peo: Work hard,( harder than us, ha ha) and believe in what you do. Love it or leave it!
Andy (drums) *** Dee Fearless (vox) *** Mad Dog (bass)
Mart Wildheart (lead guitar) *** Mike Spider (guitar)

And now some questions outside music:
Calle: What was the first CD/LP you ever purchased?
Martin: Twisted Sister Ė Stay hungry
Peo: The first record I got was Animalize with Kiss, I don't remember the first record I bought. But I remember having a mix tape with Eddie Meduza and Manowar. Pretty sick combination. Haha
Calle: What is the latest CD you have bought?
Martin: I bought a bunch from cdon the other day,somecase is just the artists, donít remember all of the titles: Hellyeah, Opeth, Airbourne Ė Runnig wild ltd edition, Terror 2000 Ė terror for sale, Ac/dc Ė Back in black,
Peo: I don't by CD's anymore. I'm still buying LP's though. I just bid on a record on tradera with Fate -  A matter of attitude (Danish band).
Calle: What do you do when youíre not playing music? Whatís your other interest?
Martin: I really like film,so me and my girl goes quite a lot to the cinema aswell as watching at home. And of course seeing livebands, almost nothing beats the feel of having attended a great concert. Sometimes I like to paint or draw aswll, but it tends to be more rarely these days, donít know why. Hanging out with friends at the bar or at home, you know, nothing special.
Peo: Videogames and movies takes a lot of my sparetime. GTA 4 and NHL '09 is stealing time from the guitar right now. 
Calle: Whatís your favorite drink?
Martin: Alcohol: Nothing beats a cold beer. Whiskey, scotch ( nothing of an expert but I really like Bowmore single malt) Jack & Coke of course.
Non alcohol: Cooffffeeeee!!!! Loves it! Milk, and freshly made orange juice(not together though.
Peo: I like Jim beam on the rocks or Jim beam with anyting. 
Calle: Do any of you have another education?
Martin & Peo: Nope, nothing to lean back on when dreams collapse 
Calle: What did you guys do before joining Gasoline Queen?
Martin & Peo: Played other bands, mowed the lawn, collecting magic mushrooms, painted the car, discovered the moon. Stuff like that

Gasoline Queen 2006

Calle: How would you describe each member of the band in only three words?
Martin & Peo: Too f#%#ing hard. Hereís three words on the entire band, when onstage:EXPLOSIVE Ė FEROCIOUSLY FEELGOOD - MERCILESS!!
Like a steamroller on dope!!!
Calle: Whatís the best thing you can say about Denmark (if anything)?
Martin & Peo: TUBORG AND D:A:D ( not a unique answer I guess)
Calle: Any last words for the fans?
Martin & Peo: Thanx a lot to all of you who keep our hopes and dreams alive, for those who waited for new material, for those you whoís spreading the word about Swedenís fattest fuel machine to the world Ė we are forever grateful. We do hope that with this EP we can bring our doped up steamroller to demolish a stage near you, to bring our music justice and to bring the fuel for all of your rock n roll souls! Peace

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