Interview / Thomas & Jakob Karma Cowboys

12. november 2009

Interview with Thomas and Jakob from Karma Cowboys

Calle: To the people who don’t know Karma Cowboys, can you give a short history of the band? 

Thomas: It started because we just HAD to! We quickly realized that the power in the joined forces of the band is way bigger than anything else we’ve experienced!


Calle: Why did you choose the name Karma Cowboys for the band?


Jakob: Old school name for an old school game. A cowboy is the symbol of a free spirited western man, and karma .. well no need to explain..


Calle: What got you into music in the first place?


Jakob: We’ve been musicians since we were kids, and becoming a musician is not something you choose. Some choose NOT to become musicians. None of us did.


Calle Who are your biggest influences?


Jakob: The big bluesy rock’n’roll bands from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC to Afghan Whigs, Queens Of The Stone Age..


Thomas: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, John Lee Hooker, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix…


Calle: How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard Karma Cowboys yet?


Jakob: Kick Ass Rock’n’Roll


Thomas: Pure hearted Kick Ass Rock’n’Roll with a whole lotta love!


Calle: On November 9th you released your debut CD. What can people expect if they go buy the CD?


Jakob: Kick Ass Rock’n’Roll. Don’t forget to turn it up loud.


Calle: How was the writing and recording process of the new album?


Jakob: The writing was, as with most debut albums, done over a longer time span – maybe 4 years, and the recording was done along the way; in different studios and other locations, such as rehearsal rooms, living rooms, a cottage in Sweden etc.


Calle: What song or songs on the new album do you like the most?


Jakob: I think ‘Slammed Shut’ is a strong track with a great atmosphere.


Thomas: Yeah! And Keen On Gasoline, and Shooting Star, and Bad TV and Shake It and Take Me…and…and…


Photo by: Jesper Edvardsen
Calle: On November 14th you’ll play 6 concerts in only 12 hours as a part of the release of the new CD. That’s a pretty tight schedule?


Jakob: It’s crazy! But fun!


Thomas: That’s the spirit of the band! Spread love’n’ Rock’n’roll as much as we can!!!


Calle: In December you’ll play three shows with Mustasch. What do you think of their music?


Thomas: Who? - It’s a great rock band with a little darker tone than ours. We’re really looking forward to support them!


Calle: You’ll also be playing at Rock The Night Fest II on December 5th along bands like The Wildhearts, Fatal Smile, Babylon Bombs and Debbie Ray. They play a more sleazy kind of music than Karma Cowboys. How do you think you’ll fit in with the audience?


Jakob: We only have good experiences with winning a crowd, and with a rock’n’roll audience like that it’s going to be a blast.


Thomas: Very well indeed!!! The good old cocktail with a rocking crowd and a rocking band = Dynamite.


Calle: Have you been to any of the other Rock The Night shows?


Thomas: No, we’ve been out playing, so we never had the chance.


Calle: How would you describe each member of the band in only three words?




Thomas: Clown Carlsen: Rockstar, rockstar, rockstar

Morten: guitar-balls, knob-turner, on-fire..

Nik: bass-balls, aces-on-places … that’s more than 3..?

Jabbah: Animal Kickass dynamite


Jakob (drums) - Morten (guitar) - Thomas (vox) - Nikolaj (bass)
Calle: Where do you see Karma Cowboys in 10 years?


Thomas: Having a good time, rocking a crowd somewhere – on tour, in the studio, or maybe at home taking a short break between sets!


Calle: What’s the best advice you can give to up-coming bands?


Jakob: Go for your passions in the music!


Thomas: Use your ears, follow your heart and let the MUSIC lead the way!


And now some questions outside Karma Cowboys’ music:


Calle: What was the first CD/LP you ever purchased?


Jakob: Run DMC – Tougher than leather…


Thomas: Jerry Lee Lewis - Great balls of Fire


Calle: What is the latest CD you bought?


Jakob: Flaming Lips – Embryonic


Thomas: AC/DC - Powerage


Calle: What was the first concert you ever attended?


Jakob: Sebastian (3 years old, with my parents) – Deep Purple (13 years old, with a friend)


Thomas: David Gilmour, ZZ-Top or Parkering Forbudt???


Calle: Who’s the last band you’ve seen in concert?


Thomas: AC/DC


Calle: What do you do when you’re not playing music?


Jakob: Graphic design and dtp, spending time with family and friends.


Thomas: Writing music, acting, planning, family, friends


Calle: Can you name one thing that you think only Danish people do?


Jakob: Buying an expensive concert ticket and then standing with his arms crossed for at least an hour of the show..


Thomas: Dressing up in wild disguises hitting a barrel with a bat on a horseback!


Calle: Do you have any last words for the fans?


Jakob: It’s only rock’n’roll – but we like it!


Thomas: Love, Live, ROCK’N’ROLL!!!
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