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Dissector - Grey Anguish (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
Dissector from Saint Petersburg, Russia plays solid Thrash / Melodic Death Metal on their new release Grey Anguish. I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and nerve as russian metal bands have. I must admit that I have not listened much to russian metal before, but bands like Grenouer & Dissector have turned me on.

There are lots of cool riffs on Grey Anguish where I swung my air guitar and turned extra up for the volume. The sound is super nice but in a dirty way clear and gloomy. There are lots of energy and vigor that can only delight the listener.

A single ½ ballad has also got into the album: "Keep My Trust" - very beautiful, where guest singer Mirla from The Lust sings duet with frontman Yan. There are 10 numbers to swing the wooden leg to, adding the intro which is a mood picture created by keyboard player Max Delmar.

The drums have a good sound and location in the mix. Deadline Pressure starts with lo-fi guitar and then the drums comes along, resulting in a bold contrast. Together with the bass creates a solid bottom. The bass is precise and crisp.

Dissector consists of Yan Svetlannen on guitars and vocals, Oleg Aleshin on bass, Andrey "Circle" on drums and Max Deelmar on keyboards. Guest musicians are Mirla on song and Alex Bolotov on guitar on the end tune "Keep My Trust". I highly recommend a closer acquaintance with Dissectors music.
Grey Anguish was released april 12th on Worldlessness Records.
   (5½ ud af 6)
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