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Burn The Mankind - To Beyond (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
Burn The Mankind from Brazil delivers the goods on the nicest way on their CD To Beyond. From the first time I listened to the CD, I have been excited and every time ever since has been a pleasure.
The style is Death Metal and is played with bold energy and commitment. The recording is technically great and razor sharp. It's great to hear all the instruments clearly.

Pedro Webster plays bass and is sub woofer, Marcos Moura plays guitar with Rafael Barros which also provides background woofer and last but not least Raissan Chedid on drums. Everyone is working hard and well, and one really enjoy their interpretation of the genre.

The first act "The uprise" is a small cozy sound picture of two minutes and then it goes away, not giving full speed all the time, but the energy is intense and quivering. There are good changes of pace that builds up and keeps the tension. One is left sitting with a feeling of every note, every sound is needed after the last note and it all helps to make this CD virtually perfect.
To Beyond was released december 18th on Mighty Music/Target Group.
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