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Psycho - From The Asylum (English)

Skrevet af José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana
Psycho’s From The Asylum is a speedy and entertaining album that excels at bringing the energy present in live concerts to a full-fledged album. As a whole, the album may be repetitive, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of each and every song.

From The Asylum intro song “Stricken” sets the mood with a slow buildup that is immediately followed up by “Run For Your Life” and its instrumental bliss. The two songs help the listener get into the intense mood present throughout Psycho’s album that does not let down. Apart from the lack of variety, From The Asylum is as good as it is intense. Slick solos, tight beats and fierce vocals blend as one for an entertaining experience. From “Destroy”, to “Psycho Killer”, and lastly “Motorized”, this album will not give you any rest, but all in the best of ways.

Psycho’s newest album may not be for those looking for calm and relaxing tunes, whom may want to step aside, but if you are all in and maybe in need of some music to give you some energy, look no further.
From The Asylum was released March 4th on CDN Records.
(4½ ud af 6)
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