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Chris Holmes - CHP (English)

Skrevet af José Eduardo Amorim Pascoa Santana
Chris Holmes’ CHP album is an extremely raw sounding rock ‘n’ roll album that benefits, but sometimes unfortunately suffers, from its best quality. Its double-edged rawness brings some great songs to light, but ultimately damages the overall sound of CHP.

“Shitting Bricks”and “Let it Roar” are well-mixed, have an overall great sound to them and are examples of the great tunes CHP has to offer. They bring out the best of Chris Holmes’s voice and synchronize it with simple but great riffs. The live version of these songs included in the album, however, are of bad quality and fail to illustrate what makes them enjoyable in the first place. Apart from the studio and live version of said songs, CHP alternates between good and average songs that may or may not be to the liking of most listeners.

CHP is a good album that shows that Chris Holmes has a lot to offer through his solo career. The energy and rawness is there, but the execution leaves much to be desired.
CHP will be released March 25th on Mighty Music/Target Group.
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