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Hoaxbane - Messengers Of Change (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
Hoaxbane is a duo from Berlin, Germany plays Extreme Metal / Black-Metal. Their sound is beautiful, rich, dense and intense. Misanthrope as the vocal foreground reminiscent at times of Hugin from Blodarv, which is a big plus (for me at least). Tantrum Mezcalar plays guitars, bass and programming the drums that sounds super. I was quite surprised that it was Mr. Laptop himself, to my question to them about who plays drums on the album.

The melody lines of guitar playing is thorough and has a knack for bringing an "air guitar" mode. I would really have liked that it was a living man who sat behind the drums .... seen in the music-ethical way, but when it is said I want to commend them for their outstanding programming .... but would still like to encourage the use of living, real musician.

There are 9 tracks on the CD. You feel that you get value for money and it's not the worst feeling.
Messengers Of Change was released November 27th on Mighty Music.
  (4½ ud af 6)
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