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Mök – Kamikaze Slug (EP) (English)

Skrevet af Jose Eduardo Santana
Mök’s latest Kamikaze Slug EP is a short but powerful ride through a raw black metal and hardcore punk sound. However, like with many metal genres, you will either enjoy this 4 song EP from beginning to end or give it a pass entirely.

Liking it or not, there is one thing Kamikaze Slug has that can’t be denied: energy. The three new tracks, plus the reissued “Necroerotic Asphyxiation”, have a rough punk sound and DIY mixing that are hard to find, but that also lack diversity. In a 17 minute long EP, having difficulty distinguishing one song from another is an unfortunate problem to have.

Nevertheless, Mök’s Kamikaze Slug EP’s strength is in its unfound sound and rawness through and through. Take my word and give it a listen to find out if it’s for you or not.
Kamikaze Slug EP was released on October 7th.
  (3 ud af 6)
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