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Damnations Day - A World Awakens (English)

Skrevet af Peter Letting
Australian melodic heavy metal band Damnations Day (DD), released a new album 24 march 2017. The title of the album is A World Awakens.

I had the pleasure of reviewing their first album “Invisible, The Dead”, back in 2013 and I was blown away. It has been one of my favorite albums ever since. I also had the chance to see DD live, when they visited Denmark as a special guest with Accept. What a show, what a memory. I sincerely hope I get another chance at a live performance from Damnations Day.

But now back to the newest release from Down Under. The album opens with “The Witness”, which has already got a music video, that has been shown on social media for a while now. I’m really excited of the sound and the diversity in the tune, and it just continues throughout the entire album. The more I hear it, the more I like it.

DD has implemented that perfect balance of soft and hard, progressive and “easy listening”. I find the progressive metal style very interesting but sometimes it just varies TOO much, and the connections in my brain kind of brakes, and just gets overloaded. But when the tunes are also very well written, and perfectly adjusted with a chorus that is memorable, and a melody so well played on the guitar, that it doesn’t drown in shredding, then everything adds up and you’re just happy.

Damnations Day are: Mark Kennedy - vocals and guitar, Dean Kennedy – Drums and Jon King – guitar

I like both the strong fast tracks and the more soft parts, but my heart still beats a bit more for the bits where the speed and the heat is up, and the energy is let loose. I guess that’s why my favorite track is “The Idol Counterfeit”.

But all in all, I just really enjoy all of it. The tight and hard hitting drums, with all of the variation and change in beat, the fine and very beautiful guitar play, and not the least the fantastic vocal of Mark. He always amazes me, especially when he goes to the high notes, I’m sold… This all combined with a world class production and sublime song writing. What’s not to like….

Well done guys. I really hope that the world sees your potential, and gives you the success that you deserve..It’s a 6 out of 6 from me
A World Awakens was released on March 24th on Sensory Records.
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