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The Lust - Karmalove (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
The Lust from St. Petersburg, Russia has made a nice new album; Karma Love. The style is in the direction of Melodic Goth Metal, but in a slightly harder version than previous releases, and it dresses them well. The melodies are beautiful and the song is beautiful beautiful beautiful. There are chills for production, you can hear, but without overproduction or being produced to dead.

Personally I could have used some songs where Yan was in the foreground as well. Although this album is harder than other The Lust releases, I think that both the Metal People, Rock People and Pop People will be delighted of this album which is nice at all levels and you enjoy the arrangements and the production that goes up on a higher level with the music.

The Lust: Anna Dust - Song, Yan Fedyaev - Guitar / Bass / Backing vocals, Lorelei Ether - Keyboards / Backing vocals, Theodor Borovski - Keyboards / Backing vocals, Мах Delmar - Keyboards. Guests: Igor Kryzhko - drums, Igor Arbuzov guitar on "Faster", Simone Zimon Sut - bass on "Nail In My Wound"
Karmalove will be released on Sleaszy Rider Records.
(6 out of 6)
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