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Forever Still - Breathe In Colours (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
Gothic Metal / Heavy Metal band Forever Still from Copenhagen has released a great album, in my opinion. Breathe In Colours is packed with 10 well-produced and energy-consumed numbers. It is an album that grows the more times you hear it.

Maja's voice fits 100% to the style. It's not so often you can experience the voice of screaming from the soul that Maja manages. There are many emotions in all numbers and you can clearly notice the honesty in each tune.

The album title track; "Breathe In Colours" represents all emotions, a strong tune that comes all the way around.

Mikkels bass has an amazing sound and depth. Rune's drums is perfectly balanced and varied. Inuuteq's guitar is so raw and dirty one moment and the next moment so beautiful and almost solemnly - a true equilibrium. There are also keyboards which is almost a law in the genre, but it never gets too much and is used only when needed.

Time flies when you listen to the album, and the 36 minutes the 10 numbers take, you can easily use as a power-break to re-charge.

Forever still is: Maja Shining: vocals, Mikkel Haastrup: Bass, Rune Frisch: Drums and Inuuteq Kleemann: Guitars
Breathe In Colours was released on March 29th 2019 via Nuclear Blast.
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