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Ivy Crown - Echo (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
Ivy Crown from Copenhagen plays Melodic Metalcore. With their debut album Echo they make a beautiful bridge between the rock genres. The album's sound itself is beautiful, heavy, and crystal clear. The song stands out clearly in the mix.

The drums have a central role in the soundscape. Well played and raw power can best describe the drumming. At times, the guitar is a cool country-twanger, after which it turns into a rough meat-ax that just flips loose, and you love every moment of it. I think it's a nice mix that succeeds very well. The bass runs loose and you feel like you want only to hear it in a separate track with its depth and weight. There are also synthesizers that are used as mood enhancers.

The song is clear and has a distinctive tone. I think you either love it or hate it in the rock genre, and I have to join the first group. There is something country / pop-ish about it that dresses the style tremendously well .... in my opinion. And then there are guest singers who pop up here and there - all in a growl / scream mood, giving the songs edge and extra character.

As this is a debut album, I look forward to many other releases where Ivy Crown is further developing.

Ivy Crown is: Natasja Stormly - Guitar, Sara Gacic - Drums, Maria Kjær - Vocal, Maria Engstrøm - Bass
Echo will be released on October 25th via Long Brach Records.
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