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Brothers Of The Head - Light The Night, Feed The Flame (English)

Skrevet af Lars Frosz Nielsen
Stuttgard, Germany has produced the band Brothers Of The Head (abbreviated BOTH) which plays toward Doom / Stoner Rock but with more power. There is a thick, smoky and sweaty atmosphere throughout the debut album Light The Night, Feed The Flame.

They have caught a very intimate atmosphere so you feel that they really had a good time in the studio. Almost as if you are invited to visit the rehearsal room on a particularly lucky day when it all goes up to a higher level and it all waves in an orgasmic haze.

The six tracks that the album contains, are produced greatly by Swedish Hans Olsson and the tracks go nicely hand in hand with each other. There are bombarded with fat guitar riffs in the best 70s style throughout the album.

Cody Barcelona's voice fits well with the style, and it is clear without being too nice. Cody also plays the bass, which is steady and tight and gives a fat ground. Karl Francis and Pappy Van Linkle stands for guitar-wall-of-sound with the dense fat distortion and Amin Axestoneville bangs the drums.

"Supernova City" stands out a little .... It is the last track .... it starts with a zitar-esque guitar sound (but they come quickly into their usual sound) ..... with its nine minutes this is it longest track on the album. I would really have loved to hear the late, great Jim Morrison on this track ....
Light The Night, Feed The Flame was released april 17th on Metalapolis Records.
   (5½ ud af 6)
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